What's new to SANDING


Sanding has released New R15 EDM. Let us see its new technology and performance.

With the R15 EDM, we can measure the target with distance 1500m away in Non-prism mode.

The improvement of new R15 EDM board, Not only afford a higher accuracy for the distance measurement, but also a more stable and faster feedback. Check the comparison table between the R15 EDM and the R6 EDM.
 We can see that the R15 EDM performs well with less data jump and less intervals to get the measuring result.
What kind of advanced design or improvement to make us outstanding? I can not wait to share them with you.

1. Unique laser driver circuit instead of the in-out path motor
This special laser driver circuit used 2 laser diode as above picture. It shows the precise control on the switch of in-out light path in EDM. When we need laser emitting in outer light path, the laser diode of out-path will work, or when we need the laser in inner light path, the laser diode of in-path will work. All those are fully controlled by electronic circuit. The laser switch which controlled by circuit will absolutely faster than controlled by mechanical parts.
2. Improvement in electronic circuit
Brand-new design of the circuit will largely improve the quality of return signal. In order to afford the higher process ability, we upgraded the EDM processor from CORTEX M3 to M4 which features less power consumption and higher processing efficiency. What is more, the circuit reduced the light interference and with shorter tape which ensured the accuracy and stability of measurement in a faster speed.

3. Other advanced design in structures.
There are also many other improvements for our new N6 total station, for example the smaller laser spots, the new objective lens and better coaxial 3-axis.
All of above make the outstanding EDM R15, are you attracted by its excellent performance?